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Crying in Arkansas

1 min read

i don't think I have ever been treated this bad in my life from people that wanted me to spend money with them. 

After putting us up in the world's worst hotel, where everything was either broken or crumbling. They lied about the buffet dinner. It was nothing but flavorless cheese and microwaveable egg rolls. The beds were insanely lumpy, and Brian and Jon snored all night keeping me from sleeping at all. 

I couldn't take a shower this morning because it was broken too of course. 

Now, we are at the food show itself, and the tables they promised are a lie. I have been insulted by the staff, and have to sit outside in the heat and humidity because my back is hurting too much to stand up. 

Brian and Jon are running around tasting things and I am trying to just calm down. It has been a long time since I have been this angry about anything. 

In large part, that is why I am writing this. Writing makes the feelings go away. This is no way to run a business.