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I started a journal for the new book. So many new ideas after the trip.

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As usual, I am back in the allergy capital of America, but the writing must go on. The ideas are flowing, but I am not sure how I want to share them.ย 

Since I am hand writing them in noteshelf, I could either post a gallery of images or export them as a PDF. Choices. Haha.ย 

Tge story/stories will be scifi in my Our Solemn Hour setting. We saw 6 foxes on the trip, and I am taking that as a sign for what I should work on.ย 

Hopefully, it will start as a series of short stories so I have something to post soon. If it going to be a book, then I will post chapter by chapter.ย 

It hasn't been easy getting back into my regular routine after the best Shore Leave I have ever attended. Life feels like a bit of a let down after all that fun. I suppose I just need to make my way to more conventions. ๐Ÿ˜‡

I just hope the world building happening now will break into new stories soon.ย