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When is it time to share? Bit by bit or as a collection?

1 min read

So, I have been writing song lyrics lately.  I've become obsessed with a fictional band in my Dragons of Night world.  Now, I am three songs and two album covers in, and can't stop thinking about.  My big question is when should I start sharing them?

Part of me wants to share each one as I write it, and part wants wait until I have an album's worth of lyrics and share then.  I had a dream the other night that people started making Youtube videos of them performing these songs.  I told you this in an obsession.

I like the songs, and I have shown them to some of my musician friends, and they have been very positive about them, which is strange.  To be honest, I shared the lyrics with them in hopes they would tell me they were stupid and to stop, haha, but that didn't happen.

What do you think?  Do you want them as they are done, or when the collections are fininshed?