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Why don't people just talk?

1 min read

I know I don't understand people, but today just proves that to me more than ever.  Why would people expect situations to magically get better when they do nothing to improve the situation until they just can't take it anymore and snap?

I make myself available to talk, and  some people take me up on the offer, but the people who need it the most stay clammed up.  Do people think I am a liar?  Do I come off as someone who is dishonest?  What is it about me that makes people think I am disingenuous?

So, I suppose I should just accept that.  I have no power over how others view or treat me.  I should just expect that as long as I live here, this is how things are.  After all, I've tried so many things over the las 12 years.  The only thing that has changed is me.

It is time to embrace life as it is.  I once thought about being a hermit, and this is the universe giving that to me.  So much more time to write.