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Writing is editing, but nothing is ever perfect.

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So, I was up until 7 am working on an expanded version of Wand and Weaver: The Chain.  There was so much that I wanted to say and do with that book, and I am taking some time to flesh it out.  It was a hard decision to do this, but I really feel like I need to do it.

In a way, this is like making a director's cut.  I am restoring deleted scenes and answering some questions you all have asked me.

Don't worry, I am still working on new stories.  I've added some words to A Study in Shadows which takes place during The Chain, and that is part of what spured me to do the expansion and partial rewrite.  Some of the scenes I thought should be in the book rather than in the side story.

I need some beta readers, so if you are interested.  It is time to get back to writing.