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Tai Chi Chuan as a healing art:

Firstly, Tai Chi is more internal activity instead of external body movement. It emphasizes working on Dan-Tian which is your abdominal or core area. The correct internal movement results in the internal organs deep massage that effectively cleanse your body.

  Secondly, Tai Chi is a breathing activity. It is a deep breathing exercise that optimizes your lung capacity and oxygenates each cell of your body to keep it healthy. When you inhale, you feel as if you're breathing deep into your bones. When you exhale, you breathe out as if through your skin and hair.

  Thirdly, it is a mental activity. Tai Chi is a moving meditation that puts your mind and body in perfect unison. You practice Tai Chi very slowly – the purpose of the slowness is to develop a keen awareness of your body and your movement. Qigong is a name given to a well-known set of breathing and meditation exercises in China. Tai Chi is an advanced Qigong exercise., Apr 22 2020 on