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Inspiration is a ghost beckoning us to avenge its loss #writetip #amwriting

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The more I think about it, the more I realize that inspiration is a lot like the ghost of Hamlet's dad. It shows up, taunts us, and causes our lives to spin out of control. And much like the ghost in Hamlet, leaves us wondering if we are going crazy or if such a a rare beast actually visited us. 

Mind you, I don't begrudge the mad spirit when in ambles into my office and assaults my imagination like Cuchulain enraged.  It is the aftermath of inspiration's visit that I and so many other writers have to deal with. 

If you have never experienced the frenetic joy of inspired writing, feel lucky that you don't know the aching emptiness that follows such an experience. 

Don't chase the ghost. If it comes dance across the pages with reckless abandon, but don't expect it to stay, or even to return anytime soon. 

Learn to be your own inspiration. Write what you love and love what you write. In this way you can break the chains of the mercurial spirit that wants to hold you captive and prevent you from telling your story. 


Why is it sometimes so hard to be creative? #amwriting

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I've been going through my office the last couple days scanning in old papers and handwritten notes.  I noticed one thing, I used to write a lot more than I do now.  It is frustrating that I have all these notebooks filled with stories, and yet now when I sit down to write, I am lucky to get a couple words out before my mind just blanks.  Where did that creative kid go?

Ebooks killed my imagination.

Not really.  That is a little hyperbolic, but there is still more truth in it that I am comfortable admitting.

I used to write because I loved it.  It was my favorite form of entertainment.  That is all that it used to be, and that it all that it should be.

In 2005, my book Liquid Sky came out... and this went from something that I loved to do to something I did for money...  Now, there was pressure on every story to be something that would "resonate with an audience."  Writing became a job, and jobs aren't fun.

Writing is not work!

Bah!  Over the last 10 years I read all this blogs and memoirs of other writers who describe writing as a job.  You just show up, punch the keys, and mill out words.  There is something horribly wrong with that.  Maybe it works for them, but it doesn't for me.

Writing is an adventure

When I was a kid, I wrote to create my own TV shows, movies, and comics in my own head.  I wrote to entertain myself.  I brought a little bit of that spirit back when I wrote The Chain.  That was a book for me.  But that spirit of fun applied to that book and not to me or to my process, and that it wrong.

I need to let go, and just write for the sheer joy of writing.  Tell the stories that I want, that entain me.  Stop being such a control freak.

It is time to let go, and let be.

Tell stories for the fun of it.

That is it.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.  Yes, I need to call on the discipline I have developed over the last few years, but I really need to just have fun with it.  Stop caring about the money.  The work is its own reward.

If you try this for yourself, let me know how it works out for you.  I would love to hear your experiences.  Do you think this is the right decision?

It is time to write, even when dizzy. #amwriting

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Overall, I feel a lot better today.  My voice is stronger, and my allergies have ease off some.  I wish I could say my equilibrium was back, but I am still woozy.  Who knows.  Maybe that is a good thing.

Since I can't really get up and move around all that much, I do have to sit here, nothing but me and my laptop, and hopefully my imagination.  I am here muse, whether or not you show up or not.