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I write, dream, and devour science fiction and fantasy.

Got a new image rendering, time to do some writing while it bakes.

I'm thinking about going from posting 2 story part a week to 3. Any thoughts about a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule?

It's been hard to get into the groove today. Lack of sleep + looming trip is a bit of a distraction. Focus. I need focus.

With that sensual scene finished, I am now 25% through the outline for Labyrinth of Souls. I <3 Jodhaa

Labyrinth of Souls is now 20.8% written. That last scene took it out of me.

I am now 16.7% through Labyrinth of Souls! Raih and Jodhaa are so fun to write together.

Outline 12.5 % finished. This novella is coming along well.

Scene break.. what happens next. (Check outline) oh, well how does that get started.

Finished another scene in the novella, that gets me 8% through the outline.

Back into the cave to see what Raih is up to at the black pool.