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How #Sense8 taught me to embrace #fandom and #WhatILove

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Today is one of those days that just makes me want to talk, about everything and nothing all at once. 

I am trying to reimagine my place in fandom. Honestly, since the levels of snark and cynicism have gone through the roof, it is harder and harder for me to find a way to participate. 

When I was a kid, scifi was rare, and the FX were not that great, so being a fan meant a great deal of suspension of disbelief and hunting for something to watch or read. 

Now, genre fiction has gone mainstream, and the commentary has turned into the same boring horse race and general audience chatter that every other genre faces. The consequence being that it is harder and harder to find just the news/facts without the annoying hype or cynicism that has twisted the genre I love into this race for the middle, standardized schlock that will make a lot of money with little more to chew on or think about. 

One of the bright points has been the release of Sense8, a no holds barred exploration of human interconnectedness that isn't trying to be anything other than what it is. 

Even with my excitement about this show, it has been hard to allow myself to talk about it because I really don't want to wade back into the toxic waters of what the Internet calls fandom. 

The inane ramblings of idiots and jerks who want to make themselves feel better by tearing down others people's enthusiasm is enough of a barrier that I have all but stopped using the Internet for the last couple of years. 

Don't take me wrong, it isn't that I am thin skinned, I just have no incentive to participate in a process that leaves me feeling less than human for simply being myself. But I know I can't be the only one that feels this way. 

So, it is time for me to start again. Hopefully, in a way that validates the things I love and doesn't drag me down into the swamp of sadness and ashes that it did last time. 

The more I think about the imagery and ideas within Sense8, the more convinced I am that there is a way to connect with complete strangers in a way that benefits and augments all of our lives. 

Those of us who thrive on building up rather than tearing down need to make our voices and presence felt. It is time to stand up to Whispers and take back the worlds and works we love. 

Who is with me?

The more I hear about JMS and Wachowskis' the more interested I get. Now, it is set for a June Premiere On Netflix. What about you?